Butterflies migrate

The last week of February saw 100s of thousands of butterflies migrate through Kilome. Peak time was during the heat of midday. Question is:- is this an annual ritual?


Butterfly migrating north miday feb

  1. This is very interesting. Do you hav agents around Sultan Hamud? There r a number of elderly pole who can tell us more about this butterfly stuff. God bless!!!!


    • No agents. Whats your interest in butterflies?
      Insect committee that commented may be able to assist, however i do apprediate your advice on asking old people.


  2. This is a common phenomenon in East Africa following rains (especially if it
    has been dry for a long time). There is a synchronised emergence of these
    butterflies (primarily in the family Pieridae, in the genus Belenois and
    Catopsilia) – when they are very successful and hatch out in large numbers,
    they lay a lot of eggs. This leads to a large number of young caterpillars
    and their food-plants – what the caterpillars feed on, are rapidly
    exhausted. As more and more butterflies emerge from their pupae, they have
    to move in search of new food-plants. These are intra-African migrants and
    they will fly up north in search of areas with fresh rains and new growth so
    that they can lay their eggs…


    • why does the migration take place at midday(when very hot)?,
      Also why do they migrate North (specifically where to)
      Are there any other parts of Kenya where this takes place?
      Is there a programme for tours like in south Africa that takes advantage of BUTTERFLY MIGRATION?


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