Malili ICT city (aka: Konza Metropolis)

About 3 months ago Kenya parliament approved beginning of construction of what is now known as Konza Metropolis! With an initial Ksh 3billion released for the year, locals expected to hear where they fitted into this new government project in their locality. Silence is the key word, other than comments like: it(the city) will be linked to amboseli.

Their is permanent wildlife on the opposite side of mombasa road directly opposite the proposed city, why then would the planners plan to drive visitors far away for the same wildlife? or was the project not to have any bearing towards the community on whose land it seats or is surrounded by?

How also is the administration preparing the locals for the changes being brought about in their environment i.e. changing status of land use and supporting infrastructure like sewage, roads, water, increased ONE TIME BIG incomes from sale of land (how to manage it/invest it), and its future or present repercussions ?

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