ICT skills development in Mukaa District

Walking around Mukaa district on bare foot, strawling or on a parachute, you would think it is another heaven on earth BUT little known for its flora and fauna.

Along the market centres you meet Youth, men and women with faces fully of anticipation. “We want jobs in Nairobi and other major towns” is a repetitive statement or understatement from all people.

On a usual evening tour i come across young men walking talking in low tones “Haijaaa that training can change my life”. and with much interest i stop them and listen to their story.

An organization known as ICT for Development Kenya has just started working in Mukaa district with a focus on building on ICT literacy to the community -my tribes men. The following morning i hurriedly visit their training site and Loh! to my amazement a stream of “Students” get in and out of a full packed conference room full of computers.

Upon a short discussion with the Program coordinator -Jonathan Mativo Mutisya, he reveals that with his background in ICT and with his degrees in Computer Science, he found more passion in passing on his skills to the youth. “What is your target group” i enquire hopefully expecting some ages between 18-35 years. After a long laughter he leads me into an ongoing session where i meet an old man born in 1928 busy moving the mouse and passionately listening to the instructor.

83 year old student

With a promise to come back i leave the room immediately because i realize that i could easily be carried away and possibly sit down to polish my ICT skills which were being facilitated in a down to earth language and sometimes in mother tongue.

That prompts me into this article and a phone call the following morning yields some news that the program will move round the mukaa district in the next 2 years (July, 2011 -July, 2013).

To have the program come to your centre, please download this document.

ICT4development Introduction Letter



    • davis mwendwa
    • October 19th, 2011

    Very good initiative keep it up and in future we should even have a ict train centre ravo


    • Thommas
    • August 8th, 2011

    This is awesome……..Let all people…..regardless of their ages,gender and financial strength learn about this essential technology that will act as a catalyst towards developing our region……Mativo Bravo and Mukaa district woyeeii,……..Embrace ICT and lets join hands to see the region have a place in the map of our country….Mutemi Thommas Musyoka.Japan


    • charles
    • July 29th, 2011

    good project keep on


  1. If our politicians were like Mativo, I am sure the country would not need international AID.


    • Eric Mutua
    • July 23rd, 2011

    This is great great great. I wish we could get another set of Jonathans in our area. I will visit the centre next week to see for myself. Do you have their mobile number to book appointment? Eric Mutua


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