Investments in Agriculture

This is one of the biggest and easiest investments to get into from the region, and here is why:

  • Very fertile soils; almost anything grows on its own!
  • Cheap; you dont have to own land, just rent it! and hire local labour(cheap)
  • Good transport network; mombasa road and Nbi-Mba railway line. distance from Nairobi less than 100km good tarmac
  • Business sense? KAT-X beans produce 6-8bags/acre on average (maturity 65days) x 3500/bag(low sales season rates) = ksh 21,000-28,000.
  • With water you can do vegetables/ fruits for export
  • ready local market for vegetables and fruits that include Nairobi
  • Water easily trappable as youths are currently doing in the locationyouth irrigation dams in kilome
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