Base pigment for Paints




Is kilome sitting on millions of dollars worth of a resource for both cosmetic and paint industry? Look again at the images, look at the color of cars today, lipstick for women, eye shadow, and the most expensive range of paint in hardware shops. (What’s the value of these industries in your country? Worldwide?)
What all these products have in common is a ‘metalic pigment’ that binds easily!
In Kilome their is a soil that has this natural pigment, infact when you rub it between your fingers you are left with a Gold reflective look on the fingers i.e. it easily binds with your body oils & sweat (same effect when rubbed on skin).
What is the potential of this for hair coloration, lipstick, nail vanish industries in human cosmetics? In industrial paints – metalic paints are normally the most expensive, yet new cars are all coming metallic. Plastics too are being dyed metallic for toys(how many metallic look toys are sold worldwide daily?), for refletive aesthetics in housing and industrial usages eg decor items coloration, for painting surfaces colors resembling precious metals like gold or Silver, for metalic colors on handbags, womens shoes, etc.
Google 1kg metalic pigment to get a feel of world prices for this pigment.

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