X-Demolish! KERRA


Buildings on road reserve are set for demolition! Why is this important for kilome or why should it be news?
Two reasons. One it marks the changing point on how business is run even so called rural business! We are no longer out of government radar, more so we are under their plan to improve infrustructure to open up the region. Talk is that the salama-nunguni road is set for expansion, re-surfacing and extension to join Wote-Machakos road leading to opportunities in road transport business specifically kilome-machakos & kilome-wote routes. This new road will also provide a bypass as soon as ‘Nairobi’s’ extention aka Konza metropolis becomes funtional. Closely related to this but happening quietly is Nairobi-Konza railway is also being modernised with the ‘Syokimau’ station already upgraded! This will completely change how Nairobi is accessed as it will be cheaper, easier & shorter (no more 2-3hour trips probably Kenyas most expensive 100kms). Kilome transport will switch to Kilome-Konza then a less than 1hour trip to city center-Nairobi!
The second way this demolitions affect business is because most business buildings along internal routes in Kilome  were built 1-2metres from the roads(read on road reserves), most businesses will go with the buildings! If say a whole township with 20 buildings housing retail outlets is knocked down and only 1 or 2 are left standing – for these two outfits to meet the new demand from previously shared customers they must restock/upgrade! Opportunity is in Mega shops like supermarkets rather than single shops. The other opportunity is in buildings to house these Mega shops. Shops were close to roads because of topography therefore to make economic sense of building new storied buildings that can stand at the correct distance, the business to go on it must make economic sense in terms of size of business it carries. (Read Sam Walters autobiography on how he built Warlmart supermarkets)

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