ICT Classes bloom in Kilome!

ICT classes are booming in rural Kilome in probably the most succesful ICT inititive in any rural part of the world. With classes averaging 150 students daily and running from 8:00am to 8:00pm (with 5 minute break between each class), the challenge has been how to keep up with the ever swelling numbers of people wanting to enroll.
An initive of Computors4Africa the responce has simply been overwhelming! It doesnt matter if the village has electric power or not, each village is simply hungry for ICT. Underscoring how we’ve ignored rural Kenya or rather ‘Taken it for Granted’! It’s just simply amazing watching people running accross villages to be able to attend classes with no single class having ever started late for lack of quorum. Infact the latest student on record was 15minutes late and that happened only once! all others are settled in class within 5minutes latest. So is the sense of discipline of attendees from day one, and sense of importance they place on this education.
When we look at attendees we see a lot of parents upto 65years of age,and at Mukaa centre an 83year old (probably the worlds oldest ICT student). With parents taking the lead in enrolment, their children simply have no option but to embrace technology. Classes are also not short of innocent drama from students handling new technology as some try pushing the curser by moving the mouse in the air[who’s going to make a movie on this?].
What makes this program unique is that it is taking place within the District chosen as East Africa’s “silicon valley”, but sadly so as the developments at the new ICT centre have been seperate from a community so enthusiastic of the same technology! has the management of this new centre ever read about Silicon valley development? growth of this valley/community was drawn together and grew because of a common interest in IT- supporting and competing against each other in a common environ with each participant wanting to grow the industry! In my reading at no point in Silicon valleys history was the valley pitched or sold to investors, rather it was the going on inside the valley that drew investors in who wanted to profit from this new ”craze”. We should be encouraging growth of ICT in Kilome so that people/investors want in! never the other way around.
A Kenyan has taken the inititive to educate a hungry rural folk in this new technology, what next? let’s look at connectivity. Though the fibre cable runs through Kilome to Nairobi NO SINGLE SCHOOL can access it in Kilome 5years after it was laid! despite ICT being looked at as Kenya’s new driver and being made compulsory in our education system. The mobile networks ie corporate Kenya’s telecom sector is no better in investment into EA’s new silicon valley(is this a statement on their perception of what is being sold to them?). Of the 4 networks Safaricom(vodaphone), Airtel(airtel bhartel), YU(Essar), & Orange Kenya(Orange) the only network accesible everywhere despite it’s undependability(network not consistantly working) is Safaricom. Even so standing right underneath it’s mast at Mukaa, i cannot download an anti virus update with their modem or a 3G phone. By the time you get to 20mb the network dies on you!

    • ewambua
    • December 31st, 2011

    A great achievement, in enlightening the rural folks with IT. As the world is now becoming a global village, these good people will embrace it.Concurrently we have come up with a Logger System which can help monitor all activities,keeping track and managing activities in an organisation which with some minimal adjustments it can also work with the mobile. That’s means, for instance, if the manager/instructor is absent, he/she can keep track of events at the organisation.This system can help you track all walk-in/out’s in all these classes while you are away! Anyway, good work


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