Leadership in Kilome – Spiritual

Kilome is a settled area, Originally a free range land with man and wildlife roaming freely. It is recorded that Ulu area(in Kilome) was more problematic than Tsavo region with man-eating lions during the construction of the Kenya-Uganda railway lines and the slave trade era with arabs in the 1800’s. Therefore those who settled in this region did so out of faith that they will be safe from wildlife and that anything they planted will grow and not be invaded by this wildlife. Kilome at the same time happens to be where Kamba and Maasai communities border each other.
These issues affected settlement and spiritual development of the communities settling here who included the Kamba, maasai, and europeans initialy.
The Kambas were hunters and gatherer’s initialy relying on faith and knowledge of universal elements to sustain life. So when these elements failed to deliver as expected their elders made sacrifices to ‘ngai’ at the shrine (every settled area had a shrine nearby). However some believed in tapping into powers of the universe through others who were thought to understand universal powers and could manipulate them ie witchdoctors.
The maasai were pastrolists and relied also on their knowledge of the elements to sustain life and when need arose they had spiritual leaders who visited their sacred sites and communed with God after making sacrifices.
The europeans came in partnership between churches and their Governments/companies representing their citizens intereststed in exploring Africa for resources, stopping slavetrade(as they told us) as well as replacing arabs in internal trade of wildlife products like ivory. Later some came and did largescale livestock ranching on the Kilome range lands. The main church group to send it’s people to Kilome was African Inland Mission(AIM)


Muoki Kioko

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