Maiani, Kilome’s meeting point





Maiani is a strategic highway backyard. Just 3kms from Nairobi-Mombasa highway on good tarmarc laid over 38years ago, with electricity and access to Kilimanjaro water, security, petrol station… It is also the gateway to Kilome hills and all the towns supported by this tarmac road.
This 38years of tarmac has encouraged virtually every homestead using it to access home to invest in a vehicle and whenever they have a function they look for somewhere to stop off Mombasa road. Yet it is a wonder why no resident of Maiani has ever provided them with that recreation stop point for 30+years. All travelers carry extra money for the journey- MONEY TO SPEND. Don’t Maiani want to tap into that?
Salama is an access point to Mombasa, Nairobi, Loitokitok, Uganda, … All access points tend to cater for nightlife of travelers ie bar’s, disco’s & meals. Other travelers including families, schools, colleges, business people..will tend to seek quieter accomodation, also a place to park their vehicle or motor bike. This is where Maiani fits in.  It’s slightly off the highway therefore quiet, has space for playgrounds and camping(cheap accomodation), fresh air, beautiful views, easy access to security(police), & multiple highway transport options.
As Salama expands naturaly it’s expansion will reach Maiani. We can already begin seeing this, therfore the towns services will have to expand and modernize presenting new opportunities in ‘plots for sale’. Is it wise to sell your plot? Do you have a plan for investing your income? Or is it better to lease land for development earning monthly/yearly or even going into partnerships with investors. If so how do I choose a partner to invest?

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