kilome to decongest port of mombasa (a vision from kilome)

Ports Authority to de-congest cargo port by moving all landed cargo to a modern holding port in kilome. This inland port 3times larger presents the authority with room to expand without much legal issues on land transactions and will also allow them build a modern clearing house where certified clearing agents will have modern office space for renting and operating from, shopping mall and recreation centre.
In a move aimed at focusing the main port to it’s core activity of offloading/loading cargo ships and making it the most effective and efficient for the regions cargo, it will also see offloading/loading/cargo tracking computerised and a comprehensive rail system to their inland kilome port put in place. All long haul road transporters will henceforth access cargo at kilome. There will be several lease managed modern truck parking lots with option pay hostels for drivers plus leased rental office park blocks for certified transporters within port yard. All transit cargo will be inspected and weighed here on one side, while the other side caters for sea bound export cargo that’s inspected, cleared and queued for loading onto ship at this point and then moved by rail to ship yard. Export will be computerised with a queue system of first come first served basis. There will be a rental storage yard for goods increasing revenues for the ports authority complete with fridgerated godowns plus grain silo’s for rent.
Other facilities at this inland port include a computorised auction park open to public where all unclaimed goods are publicly inspected and auctioned complete with a recreation center and modern hotels (3-5 star).
All this is in line with vision 2030 assisting the government decongest mombasa road, get rid of hazards of transporters parking in residential mombasa, reduce wear and tear of Nairobi-Mombasa highway as well as reducing weigh bridges from 2 (Mariakani & mlolongo) to one for Mombasa highway, while at the same time getting it off the highway thus ensuring smooth flow of traffic on the highway translating to lower transport costs daily for all users. A crushing/recycling facility at site will be a source for additional revenue as all substandard imported items are crushed and sorted to reusable waste metal or plastic for export or local enterprises.
Local banks have indicated their capability to arrange financing of any size for development projects, and Eastern Africans are now hungry to invest their funds either for part ownership or by purchasing commercial paper for higher returns than prevailing bank interest rates on viable projects.

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©Muoki Kioko 2009-2012

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