Building Technology that gaurantees no wall cracks, from Kilome


Imagine NEVER having to worryN about cracks on your wall. That’s possible with this building technology which you can come and see for FREE in Kilome.
It gets better, NO CEMENT REQUIRED! Yes it’s cheap as cement is only used to plaster or decorate. All materials are sourced locally, and beautiful are natures patterns that what is left is for you to get creative. Are the walls solid? straight? See and test the multiple houses that have been made locally and decide for yourself.
Who can afford? With ksh 400,000 you have a basic solid 2bedroom house complete with hillside views that may include Mt. Kilimanjaro.
What if I’m not using the house frequently? The tourism potential for sight seeing, picnics, hiking, cycling,birdwatching, rock climbing and slidding is totally untapped yet it’s only 1-2 hrs away from Nairobi (100kms) not forgetting the opportunities from the new city

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©Muoki Kioko 2009-2012

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