Red ALERT, as Kilimanjaro pipeline dries up in Kilome

The famous NolTuresh aka Kilimanjaro water project/pipeline has run dry. Meant to cater for ukambani(Machakos) and Athi River, residents of Salama along Mombasa road (location of the pipelines first pump station from Kilimamjaro slopes) are now lining up to buy water from trucks.
Questions being openly asked are- is leadership unable to deliver water that flows by gravity? Others have gotten into village groups and sorted their water issues by damming their valleys saying those concerned don’t exist and they don’t trust promises any longer ie they have decided to move on with their lives listening only to those assisting them move forward.
Are Kajiado residents doing the same?  As they are said to have burst the pipeline to use it for irrigation. Also what will the future be for all communities and towns dependent on Kilimanjaro water pipeline, will politicians feed them using water trucks and for how long and at what cost, is this the permanent solution? Questions youth and wazees in Kilome are now asking.
Even for PR purposes how are they going to convince investors just 20 minutes away on the SAME highway that they will manage a cities water if defeated by that of a township on a major pipeline!

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