Kenya Loosing Billions in Kilome and environs

Kenya is loosing billions annually in Kilome and it’s environs with the Biggest loosers being the Kenya Revenue Authority and  Makueni County.

One of Kenya’s BIGGEST mineral resource is being mined free style UNCONTROLLED!

Everyday houses country wide are being built using this Mineral – SAND. No single person has a record of how many Kilograms are mined UNTAXED! Take a lorry to be 10 tonnes ie 10,000kgs packed in 50Kg bags retailing at Ksh 500, 16% of this is Ksh160,000 per lorry load in VAT ONLY! (per Trip). Every day Monday to Monday at Least 20 lorries will ferry from Kilome alone through Mombasa road for Nairobi which is equal to Ksh 3.2million loss to Goverment Daily x 365 = Ksh 1.168 billion annually for just 20 trucks leaving Kilome daily for NAIROBI only.

How much more for those going in ALL directions?

You are yet to count VAT on Packaging Materials, Income tax on employees in a controlled, licensed, and registered system, Tax on affiliated products where these are being processed eg food, housing, clothing and council license fees. Lets also not forget The GOOD IMAGE for creating EMPLOYMENT for youth in a country where employment creation is an issue.

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