The Billionaire’s Gateaway

Just 65kms from Nairobi’s JKIA Intl.Airport where one can park their private Jumbo/Boeing jet, head out of
the city incognito but still be able to access the city or airport in short notice. Has the serenity and ambiance that will allow me to be me, therefore relax! Open, but closed ie it’s visible by passer’s by but my privacy isn’t. Easilly secureable to meet my security needs without security being visible or interfering with my privacy or being visible to passers by. Big yet small enough to just cater for me and family or have a small board meeting away from it all. Allows one to be human not a wealthy individual as you can easily get into a private car in jeans and drive around the hills incognito unbothered and believe me the scenaries can be breath taking(sunsets too). Have the option of interacting with locals or enjoying privacy. Availability dependent on your pockets.
Accessible from here is the Kenyan Coast(about 2hr heli-flight), Mt. Kilimanjaro, Yatta plateau{worlds longest plateau}, Tsavo park & Amboseli parks[], masai mara, river walks, uncommercialized community tourism, cave visits, *horse riding, *biking(*pre booking required), birdwatching(see checklist)..

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©Muoki Kioko 2009-2012

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