What does Konzacity 10Km buffer zone in Kilome mean?

What is zoning? It is classifying/setting aside to meet/support something nearby, in this case land. For example roads have buffer zones known as road reserves that assist ensure a certain level of safety space for all road users.
Therefore in this case re-zoning is reclassifying land use within a 10km radius from konzacity fence ie i can only put up investments that meet or support standards set by konzacity within the 10km radius. (See more..)
Where will the buffer zone start? From Nairobi direction after machakos junction is a lone big hill on your left. 10km would start from around the dip after that hill. While coming from Mombasa the 10km zone would start just after Salama shopping centre(after 1st climb with climbing lane).
What standards have been set by konzacity, can i meet them?
What investments can you do that meet those standards, examples?
All land within that buffer zone is either 50×100, 7 or 10acres. What can you put up on that size of land that is of value economically yet meet konzacity standards?
Thought of buying and subdiving? What does the land bill say about land in zoned regions? Will it be illegal to own smaller parcels within that zone?
Where are you going to get water for your investment?
How will you access your investment?
How will you handle sewage?
Under what council will you be in (Kajiado, Mavoko, Nairobi, Machakos, Makueni, Malili)? Can they provide those services? What is their track record? Exactly where are they located? Have you visited their offices to see if they have been able to provide the same for themselves and their officers?

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  1. February 25th, 2012

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