Does it make business sense?

Does your investment make business sense or are you going with the fad? Is someone selling you an idea or are you commited to making your idea succeed? Are you buying a lifestyle(a way of spending money) ie which direction is your money flowing ‘inward or outward’.
Do you have a clear vision of the end of your plan, what it will look like and by when? Do you have a written plan of how you are going to achieve your business goal-step by step?
People tend to have different goals and plans, however you need to have your own. It may be time to ask I’m i doing this because someone else has done something I think i am going to gain by being near? How does being near fit into my life’s plan? Is my plan bigger than me ie does it encampus the society. There’s more to life than money. Yes money makes things comfortable or “easy”, however life will automatically give you new responsibilities with it – are you ready?  

Text & Images
©Muoki Kioko 2009-2012

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