Cleared storage space allows for a modern luxury cruise port(added targeted revenue stream) to be set up, increasing value addion in tourism for the whole coast region which translates to more jobs for the youth in the coast province as a whole while allowing port business go on.
It gives Mombasa county a new lease for planning of essential services as estates decongest off curb parking.
It also allows for expansion & modernisation of the port to carter for new port responsibilities like the Uganda oil and anticipated growth that will come from both Kenya, Uganda and it’s neighbour’s as a result of that resource being processed.

Reduced weight on road translates to reduced maintainance on this crucial highway. Reduced travel times for other road users also translates to a significant reduced import bill for fuels used travelling that in turn encourages more activity by those who use it as a link helping  spread economic growth.
On weekends between Nairobi and the proposed Konzacity is normally a jam with queues of 5+ lorries. This inland ports structure will ensure that the lorries skip Nbi-Mba road past Nairobi! ie no more jams on uhuru highway brought by transit trucks & their expenses estimated in the billions by world bank.

Once we start serving cheaper because of distance and time to access port from Kilome our southern neighbours 3 Northern cities (Moshi,Arusha & Mwanza) will find it more convinient and cheaper to export/important through Kilome. This means revenue that would have gone to Dar port ALL goes to Kenya Ports while putting in check their advancements on our landlocked neighbours as an alternative exit route.

Job creation for kilome, makueni, kajiado and upper coast. More…

Text & Images
©Muoki Kioko 2009-2012

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