The Ultimate 4wd test in Kilome

Is someone claiming to sell you a 4 wheel drive? Simple, take it for a test drive around Kiima Kiu circuit in Kilome!
If your seller says ‘no’ know he’s selling you a junk,  and happily walk away with your money.
Kiima kiu in Kilome is the Hill on your left (mombasa road from Nairobi) after Malili town as you begin going down the 1st climbing lane (approximately 1hr from Nairobi). Immediately you begin the descend look for a marrum road going to the hill. One goes to the center of the hill-leave that! Take the one that goes slightly right.
Should you find you have descended to the bottom of the climbing lane-you have gone too far.
You can use this circuit to test your offroad skills or if you can navigate with your 4wd as an outing with friends.
*caution, don’t attempt during rains. It’s also a no go zone for 2wd vehicles.
Enjoy the Kilome experience!

Text & Images
©Muoki Kioko 2009-2012

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