A match too captivating


This game became soo captivating that the goal keeper left his goal to join in the game(that was until his teams opponents discovered the goal was unmanned and did the necessary and his team mates did the necessary to him).
In the meantime this young lad could not resist the temptation to make use of this rare view/vantage point to enjoy the game! Reporting home late after school would be dealt with later, and run did he run home but after thoroughly enjoying the game. Was his mother awaiting with hands akimbo and a small stick in palm awaiting the explanation as to why his age mates got home long before him?

Enjoy your weekend!

..have to heard that song that goes..
“…wakamba nati, ooh wakamba nati siya…”
…that’s my version, the original is here and it’s a wonderful South African Praise song (click here to watch:Solly Mahlangu – Siyabonga Jesu)

Text & Images
©Muoki Kioko 2009-2012

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