Pumpkin Millions in Kilome

Take a parcel of land 50 x 100 metres, plant a pumpkin every 1metre – that’s 50 x 100 pumpkins = 5000 pumpkin plants. Assume each plant produces just 10 pumpkins, which leaves you with 50,000 pumpkins . When sold at 10/= that gives you 500,000/= (half a million) within six months.
*Note: Every leaf represents a flower that can produce a pumpkin, all that’s required is foliage feed plus insecticide(cost 1,000/=) to protect flower from falling off prematurely.
Add 5/= for transport and 10/= to 15/= margin for sells. Avail it in Kibera, Mathare or Dandora (in Nairobi) for 30/=  inplace of bread that’s 45/= minimum. You have provided an alternative for a families full meal (cheaper inflation beater? (is someone listening on how to bring down inflation on food!) Plus pumpkins last longer in open storage.

Uses of pumpkins;







Text & Images
©Muoki Kioko 2009-2012

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