Mineral ‘Mica’ in Kilome


Visible on the surface in parts of kilome for years though actual quantities have never been estimated.(samples available,email:kilomeinvestments@gmail.com)
Licences to exploit range Ksh 1,000-30,000 from Mines & Geology Department, Ministry of Environment & Natural resources (machakos rd.off enterprise/dunga rd. Nairobi) email:info@environment.go.ke, cmg@bidii.com, tel:25420558782.

Mica – name derived from latin meaning ‘to crumb’, and micare ‘to glitter’

Found in two forms:
– sheets
– flakes

Flakes found with ‘feldspar'(used in glass making, plastics & rubber industry) and ‘kaolin'(used in mainly ceramics-tiles, sinks, toilets, & plates).
Sheets may occasionally be found with flakes. Sheets command highest market rates $1-2000 per Kg dependant on quality. Though ALL (flakes and plates) have market.

Drilling: Added to drilling fluids to help seal porous sections of drill holes.

Electricals: Used in making of capacitors and on wiring in items that produce heat like cookers, irons, hair blow driers,etc. Also used on high temperature cables to cover wiring in furnaces, boilers, etc where liquids or metals are being heated/smelted (said to withstand upto 900 degrees celcius). Also used to cover critical wiring like in alarm systems, surveillance equipment, military & hospital equipment.

Paint industry: reduces chalk effect of paints, increases resistance to weathering & water penetration while increasing colour brightness.

Plastics/motor vehicles: used as a plastic reinforcer & insulate to suppress sound and vibration (a trend being heavily embraced by motor industry). Also used to insulate armatures, magnet & field coils and used in manufacture of axle greases to increase durability of grease. Used in brake linnings and clutch plate making in place of asbestos to reduce noise & vibrations.

Rubber: increases rubber resiliency and acts as an anti sticking agent in tyre manufacture.

Construction industry: Used in making of Asphalt roof shingles to prevent it sticking on other surfaces. Shingles are rectangular shapes laid on each other like roof tiles to waterproof when timber/wood is used as a roof.

Cosmetic industry: used in making blushes, eye liner, eye shadow, hair & body glitter, lipstick, lip gloss, mascara, nail polish (talk to teen age girls to understand these products)

Deco: added on latex balloons to provide shimmer, also on wall paper, & on tile surfaces.

Medical: used in diaphragms for oxygen breathing equipment, optical filters, thermal regulators, radiation detectors & laser systems.

Local uses: On/in pottery to create glittery decoration, added to coloured powders to create sparkle effect and also for glitter coating windows.

Download Kenya mining requirements and licence fees docs here

mining investment road map
mining & mineral bill
draft mining policy

Text & Images
©Muoki Kioko 2009-2012

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