Road Rage enroute to Kilome!


This is not a THREE way lane! This is mombasa road, enroute to Kilome. In now what is a daily phenomina – lorry queues 50 plus metres long, at times almost 1km long. Motorists become impatient and cars, lorries and buses start overtaking irrespective of on coming vehicles


in a short while other vehicles appear on the left hand side


making use of the curb. Last weekend as an impatient lorry driver pushed me off the road because the oncoming truck refused to slow or drive on it’s curb (this truck started overtaking when the oncoming truck was barely a truck infront of me). What shocked me though is that i almost knocked off a POLICE CAR overtaking me on the curb! Yes, the law enforcers were overtaking moving vehicles on a highway using the curb! This left me with 3 questions:
1) If law enforcers break the law, who will follow the law?
2) If these queues are daily phenomina and getting longer by the month, how much longer before a major pile-up caused by impatient drivers?
3) How much worse will it get when Konza area/city starts being built, and what is the financial implication of these jams?
The most notorious sections are
– the stretch between Stony Athi and Primarose
– Small world country club to Simba cement
– The last 10kms to machakos junction
– The corner of Konza junction

Text & Images
©Muoki Kioko 2009-2012

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