A land mess!!!

When an official environment impact assessment approves a stretch of 20kms plus of subdivision of land into plots of 50×100/2acres along an already congested highway(mba rd) you ask-what was the rationale? Was it ever thought through?
Let’s look at the stretch from Malili town to Konza(rail station) junction opposite konzacity along mombasa road. For 3 streets from the main road is planned and approved commercial plots of 50×100 and 2acre commercial plots. It’s like approving commercial streets on the left side(uhuru park side~Nairobi) of Uhuru Highway while it’s already obvious the highway is unable to handle the city’s traffic let alone the transit traffic!
Here we are looking at the same transit traffic that already has traffic jams (see). Uhuru highway is a continuation of this highway but 3 lanes each way, this is 1 lane each way – that is set to carry a cities traffic plus 3 streets commercial buildings. Is there even space to allow expansion of the road to 2 way /3way lanes? WHO WILL WANT TO INVEST INTO TRAFFIC JAMS?
Back to the commercial plots. When you look at approved plans, the only recreation space is a stadium. This means it’s residents only other option to unwind will be clubs – we are planning for a town of drunks! Wow! What a future of our people (talk of vision 2030) – as if we have not seen enough of its effects in central/Nairobi Kenya +the health/sexual diseases that come with it. Where do families (MOTHERS & CHILDREN) unwind, recreate, play???
Now lets move either way of the highway – Salama/Chumvi & even malili(next door) townships. What we see is a trend of trucks parking along the main highway. This means ANYTHING can be parked accross the city! Security, security, security! *You are NOT going to change the habit of truck drivers parking along highways where townships exist along the highway (visit any town along mba-malaba rd). It’s a habit. S-E-C-U-R-I-T-Y.
Commercial buildings simply = multi occupation over a small area ie high population occupation. Whether temporary(8am-5pm) or fulltime(24hr). These people eat – where does the sewage go to? I see roads & drainage, but where are the sewage plans to cater for this new centre. The enclosed Konzacity is taken care of in it’s planning. What about konza ranch township opposite the city? Where do they also get water from? Where do they dispose their rubbish waste? And finally as it’s high density where do they dispose their dead?
How does ALL this ADD value to the town? Region?
This whole section is prime natural wildlife habitat. It has been chased – BUT it keeps Returning! Does leaving the front of the city a green space ADD value to the city – YES!!, and with minimal effort/resources. YES it will earn the owners MONEY(ie value to the land owners at almost NO cost). A game ranch opposite the city creates a unique recreation facility not only for konzacity but the region. Nairobi residents will have a new getaway within 1hr from Nairobi other than Naivasha. A lodge tender within the facility will continually increase in value yearly! This is apart from other activities within the park – park entry fees, picnic fees, conferencing, camping, etc

THIS GOES FOR ALL SUBDIVIDED FARMS. Including those doing the same now all the way to Sultan Hamud.

Text & Images
©Muoki Kioko 2009-2012

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