Konza Technology City (pt3) – Phase 1 Plan


Phase 1 takes 5years and is composed of 4 sections


1. Entry Plaza
2. Office Band
3. Science & Technology band
4. Residential band (High density, Medium density and Low density)

Here are some envisioned structures:




These will be supported by:

a) A 300,000 cubic metre Water Dam providing piped water for kilungu to the city & environs from Thwake River(*already financed and being constructed!). Tentatively 4 boreholes have been sunk on site for those who have began


b) Nairobi~Mombasa road Dual carriageway currently running upto Athi River WILL be extended to Konzacity starting January 2014-2016 in 2phases.

c) A standard Gauge rail that can achieve speeds of upto 160kph, taking 40minutes to nairobi & 20minutes to Jomo Kenyatta international Airport Nairobi is to be launched in a months time on top of the already existing rail system being upgraded

Developments at Konza and it’s sorroundings will be overseen by ‘Konza Technocity Development Authority – KOTDA’ see http://konzacity.co.ke

*A walk through animation on this 1st phase will be put up on  http://konzacity.co.ke soon

*Part 4 shall cover The 10km Buffer zone plan


…are you in an agriculture, tourism or commercial zone?

Text & Images
©Muoki Kioko 2009-2013
For permissions to use images email: muokisphotography@yahoo.com

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