Konzacity pt4 – The Konza Bufferzone plan

To retain the Value of Konzacity a 10km bufferzone was created. That 10kms zone is land held/occupied by communities, institutions and individuals. The Government as a regulator has seen it fit to direct all upcoming developments within this zone so as to enable them provide quality services creating workability around the city and in turn adding maximum value to everyone investing their time or resources there. Subdivisions and further developments without approval were therefore made illegal.
To do this Konza Technopolis Development Authority was created (KOTDA), and this authority has planned 6 zones (a, b, c, d, e & f) around the city.


Zone a: covers the area west of Konzacity ie accross the current railway line (in Kajiado county) that includes Waami Hills see here. This area is being looked at as an area to develop ecotourism


Zone b: covers 6 lines of approved commercial 2acre plots (originally konza Ranch) opposite the front of KonzaCity along mombasa road. This zone has been set as a ‘Sustained Urbanization Zone’

Zone c: Is the zone bordering zone b eastwards (formally Konza ranch). The area is set as ‘Modern Agricultural Zone’


Zone d: commonly refered to as ‘Malili Township’ along mombasa road. All plots here are officially approved as 50×100 formerly Malili ranch commercial zone *(if not sure of zones limit visit any land selling office in that township and ask to see Malili Ranch subdivisions map). As you can see above, it is a small area! Area is set as ‘Sustainable Commerce Zone’

Zone e: All areas around Malili Township extending south and east to Konza railway line form this zone set as ‘Modern Agriculture Zone’


Zone f: is Konza township area along the old/current railway


This is set to be made a ‘commuting/transport hub’

Text & Images
©Muoki Kioko 2009-2013
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  1. how about the 2km which they have said should have no settlement does it affect all sides of the city? or what are the plans.


    • What I heard people say(unofficial) is it is a green zone. The right people to answer you are KOTDA through http://konzacity.co. ke


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