Kilome Leaders Elect 2013 to 2018

*All elected representatives may have to be officially sworn in at the National Assembly or Respective County Assembly at a later date.

Member of National Assembly(MP) Kilome Constituency(elect)


Regina Nthambi Muia

On being declared winner at the Kilome tallying Centre promised to open her offices in each of the constituents wards plus her schedule days in each office to enable access by the old and young to her.

Under her will be 3 wards namely Kasikeu, Mukaa & Kiima kiu/Kalonzoni wards led by County Assembly Representatives/Councilors:

Kasikeu County Rep(elect)


Paul Malinda

Mukaa County Rep(elect)


Jonathan Mutua Ndungi

Kiima Kiu/Kalonzoni County Rep(elect)


Caroline Munanie Musee

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