‘Horned Melons’ in Kilome


Planted and sold locally at roadside fruit banda’s

Other names:
Thorn Melon
African horned cucumber Melon Gaka/Gakchika (Zimbabwe)
Kiwano (New Zealand)
Jelly Melon
Hedged Gourd
Blow Fish fruit (USA)


It’s an annual vine in cucumber and Melon family known to produce upto 100 fruits per creeper and is a source of liquid for ‘Kalahari desert’ peoples during dry season (where the plant originated).


Fruit Picked and eaten either when young, when fruit is green and kept until it turns yellow/orange or picked when yellow/orange. The inner fruit is sucked the same way as passion fruit. Many people drop out the seeds that are edible, others eat the pulp too.
– fruit
– fruit juices
– in salads
– in bar cocktails
– ice creams & yorghut
– Health

Known health benefits:
– from it’s seeds 1mg of iron per fruit, that’s higher than a full water melon.
– seeds produce boleic acid and linolec acids one of Omega 6 fatty Acids
– antioxidants a-cocopheral & y tocopheral in seeds (both) organic forms of Vitamin E that is known to create healthy skin & helps neutralize damaging ‘free radicals’ that cause chronic diseases such as Cardiovascular disease and Cancer. It’s also thought to relieve Alzheimers and Parkinsons disease.
– Pigments in seeds & pulp contains Carotenoid & Beta Carotene (Vitamin A) that helps strengthen the body immune system, maintain eye and skin health, while inhibiting growth of free radicals thereby preventing cancer.

Text & Images
©Muoki Kioko 2009-2013
For permissions to use images email: muokisphotography@yahoo.com

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