Unique Bee Spotted in Kilome


You are all familiar with the honey bee with a yellow bum(abdomen) with black stripes, that’s why these two bees above look similar.
Looking at them separately shows two DISTINCTIVELY different species as below


The left one is the common honey bee with hairy abdomen and black eyes


The one in the right has a Shelled abdomen and stripped eyes.

*Anyone with an idea which species it is?
Or does it join the list of scientifically unidentified species from Kilome otherwise referred to as new world species!

Text & Images
©Muoki Kioko 2009-2013
For permissions to use images email: muokisphotography@yahoo.com

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  1. Hi Muoki,
    This is a great capture. The other “bee” is not a bee but actually a Hoverfly and they mimic bees to avoid predation.


    • Thanks Martha for this response on the post! Who predates this fly?


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