The Irony of 40 days


3rd April 2013, primary schools athletes meet. They turned up in numbers with or without shoes to both compete and cheer their own weather notwithstanding! Kenyan athletes come a long way if what I saw produces athletes that make a country stand out proud in this world.
40 days ago you would still get the same crowd’s gathering but technology, grandiose and promises took center stage. Leaders made promises of working with communities.

This meet was the 2nd primary school athletics meet this month, was there any leader present (elected/non-elected)?

Teachers here for the 2nd week had to call out hoarse (using all the energy their lungs could master) to be heard across the fields for the whole day as there was no technology available to aid them. 40days ago speeches by ‘local leaders’ (elected/non-elected) could be heard even 4kms away. Where did all the sound systems go?
Had any been to their childrens athletes meet would they have noted this lack of basic equipment for their regions games?
Is this a point to ponder about …How much does a PA system cost? why can’t the regional games afford one?
To the gallant young athletes that will represent the region in the next stage KUDO’S! To the teachers that are dedicated to ensure our children progress against all odds a BIG pat on your back!  

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