Kyanzizi Waterfalls (Kilome)


Located 117kms south of nairobi (approximately 2hrs) is a 3 levels waterfalls. Above is level 2 located near the road.
Above it is this one

..and below the road is the longest one


How to get here:
Go down Mombasa 100kms (tarmac rd), you get to Salama Town. At the end of the town on your left is a police post and a left turn that takes you to Kilome-Nunguni hill’s. Go up this road 14kms(tarmac) to Kilome township.
On entering the township there will be a forest on your left with a ‘Kenya Forest Service’ signpost. Do not get to the sign post, look on the right there is a murram road(all weather) turn in here and go about 1km past a sign ‘Mbukuni primary’ that’s on your right. The road then bends left then right and as it starts straightening look on the right for 2 wooden small Shops and thereafter a right turn with a small sign ‘kyakitoo Catholic church’. Entre road and take immediate right turn again for about 400 metres looking out for waterfall on your right at the valley bend.
To get to the waterfall above it seek a local to show you the way. To view waterfall below proceed on foot to tree line 20metres ahead and look below on your left.
*to turn vehicle proceed ahead 30-40metres

What else can I do here?
You can take a short walk enjoying the fresh air, or back up to slightly higher ground where you can view ‘Masembeni hills’


Namanga, Mt.Meru(Arusha) and Mt.Kilimanjaro on a non cloudy day or late evenings.
If you have children or love cycling, its also a wonderful place to do so.
Mbuzi Chomba can be arranged on Kenze Hills, or even other African meals(chapped,ugali, muthokoi,etc ). There’s plenty of space on Kenze for games, cycling, picnic or a visit to abandoned 1st world war ‘mica’ mines – contact Kenze Community Forest Association 0729175299
You could also buy ‘kilome verander flat Slabs’ or drive back up to the tarmac road and proceed uphill to get views of Ngong Hills and Mbooni hills.

Where can I spend night nearby?
You can either return to Mombasa road and turn left 12kms to Sultan Hamud and stay at ‘Savannah’ or turn right 20kms to Malili township staying at Nedland Inn Or drive towards Nairobi just after Machakos Junction is ‘Maanzoni lodge.’ 
Self catering home stay can be considered on request.
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