Volcanic Mountains/vents in Kilome

The two known ‘volcanic vents’ associated with Kyulu mountain range are in Kilome Constituency namely:

‘Mt. Mwaani’


and ‘Mt.Kalembwani’



Resembling an armrest chair( chairmans chair)
Mt. Kalembwani (above) is on your right just before Sultan Hamud on Mombasa road when approached from Nairobi(Kenya)

Both accessible via Mombasa-Nairobi road through ‘Sultan Hamud’ and Kasikeu. At Kasikeu ask locals for directions to the top. The volcanic vents are both basalt and occurred in the upper Pleistocene period (about 11,000yrs ago) with the basalt flow being confined to area. 
Excellent for schools educational tours & tourism locations for views of mountain ranges on either side of Makueni county, Kajiado county and a view of Kwawatingilia valley.


Text & Images
©Muoki Kioko 2009-2013
For permissions to use images email: muokisphotography@yahoo.com

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