Cursing your community?

Do you curse your clients? Church? Husband? Community? Wife? Children?

Receiving/giving a bribe is taking part in a curse and here’s how

What is to curse culturally?
Seeking to stop flow towards that individual.

What is a curse according to Scripture?
Old testament is originally written in Hebrew. Curse in Hebrew means ‘to Dam the flow’ ie hoarding a flow meaning temperally stopping a flow

When a Pastor, leader, business, wife, child or husband denies another access to that which they have been given to pass on – they are damming the flow ie cursing the receipiant.
When a business withholds information that would help Buyer in making an informed decision, they are cursing the business and customer whom they depend upon. Then they wonder why their business suffers long-term?
A wife denies her husband or vice versa intimacy,  food, love, etc. They are cursing their families and homes! They then turn to Pastors asking for prayers for their homes?
Individuals who are used to access information that may help an individual or society withholding it, because they feel that that individual or society will progress more than them, they are a curse and are cursing that Society ‘as a man soweth so do they reap’. Looking at that individuals life you will soon see stagnation – religeous institutions are some of the biggest culprits here! Actually I’ve realized that whenever anything is passed through me doing it is the access key to that which I want!
* whatever you do, in time catches up with you!!

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©Muoki Kioko 2009-2013
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