Kathongole Hill View inn

Sunset of Ngong from Kathongole Inn ©muokikioko2013

Sunset of Ngong from Kathongole Inn ©muokikioko2013

Kathongole Hill View Inn is Located on Nairobi – Mombasa road about 64 kms from Nairobi near Kautandini (see map). It’s name is derived from its location a story which i reserve for the hosts to tell.

I had the wonderful opportunity to visit the Inn on a late afternoon and on the way out i just had to stop at the gate to take this photograph(above) of Ngong Hill at sunset (One of the many scenaries around this Inn set in the savanna’s of Konza)

Open Gazibo's set viewing the Konzaplains

Open gazebos’ set viewing the Konza plains

It’s verandahs are serene surrounded by the Konza plains with plenty of open sitting space to enjoy the warm Ukambani air and as you can see in the image above it’s a popular place for those seeking a quiet recreational drink with friends out-of-town


Kathongole Hill View Inn Accomodation

Kathongole Hill View Inn Accommodation

For further information:

Tel: +254 720 670411 or  +254 731603454      Email:kathongolehillview@yahoo.com

Map of Activities to do near here: https://kilome.wordpress.com/2013/06/28/kilome-tourism-map/

  1. July 30th, 2013

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