KonzaCity in Makueni according to Government Draft Bill!

The Kenya Technopolis Development Authority Draft Bill (here) Article 8 (4) page 8 clearly lists Board of Directors that includes one Governor ie ‘The Governor of the Makueni County or his designate Alternative’ as a board member.

A governor can surely only preside over what is under his jurisdiction unlike what is being carried out in stories in Media and the internet citing the city is in other counties!

Other Provisions to note in the draft bill include:

1. No person shall be eligible for employment as an officer or servant of the Authority if he has directly or indirectly by himself or through his partner, any share or interest in any
contract or proposed contract with for or on behalf of the Authority.  

2. No person shall(a) carry on business in or (b) hold himself out as providing or maintaining activities or facilities within Konza Technopolis except under and in accordance With a license issued under this act.

3. From date of business establishment in Konza businesses are exempt from income tax for 10 years and limited to 15% for next 10 years.

4. Businesses in Konza Technopolis are exempt from VAT or VAT for goods/services used within the city

5. Exemption from stamp duties on execution of activities related to the business activities of enterprises located within Konza Technopolis.

Some of these provisions entrench integrity while some create room for possible abuse by parties involved eg by encouraging use of both imported goods & labour from their home countries verses seeking local services where available contrary to provisions of vision 2030 from which the project is envisioned. ! 

In the Tax section there is need to ask ourselves as citizens if what we loose out is not more than what we stand to gain eg *if say Safaricom (as an example) were not to pay the 30% income tax [ year 2012 would translate to 30% of pre tax profit 25.5 billion = 7.65billion]. Do that to 20 companies including multinationals you have lost 150 billion annually. This is only one tax exempt, Can you justify even 200,000 or 1,000,000 jobs annually for this loss for 10 years?

Have a look at this draft bill and give your input before This Sunday 4th August 2013 to Konza@ict.go.ke or http://www.konzaCity.co.ke

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