Is there beauty outside parks?


‘Be ye renewed in your thinking’
This never made sense until I moved to Kilome. While in the city it was an achievement to see Mt.Kilimanjaro and a privilege to see and photograph Wildllife or wild landscapes unless you went into a national park and therefore had to have means to enjoy these natural phenomena. Means here meaning being both motorable and having cash to fuel and pay entry fee.
This then means majority of Kenyans find recreation simply unaffordable, not that they do not want to partake recreation during rest. Simply put we have narrowed down options to recreation of citizens to only systems in existence and keep complaining year after year of constant numbers of travelers. The only other options being readily provided being alcohol based.
Come Kilome and I realize I don’t have to go Amboseli to see Mt Kili, it’s visible every evening there’s a warm sunset (and that’s just 1hr from the city).
Then there’s the concept it’s shagz therefore backwards and has nothing to offer even to photograph. 1st there’s bush so some Wildllife still exists,  but there’s also interesting topography and because of availability of space domestic animals tend to be free roaming and have adapted to the bush/wild environment. For example chicken have wild predators and as they roam freely have learnt survival tactic’s around these predators. Goats too have adopted to this wild habitat and at times seem to enjoy taking on extremes like the goats above that opted to use the rock wall that was almost vertical in descend to get to their watering hole. They had the option of using the side I was standing on.
This created for me a combination of a beautiful rock wall with unusual animal behavior in an environment I paid nothing to enter.
This is not Wildllife but is it a beautiful image? What would this image 1meter wide look like on a super primed camphor frame above the fire place in a ‘prime living room’? Unique …

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  1. Absolutely there is beauty outside the parks in East Africa. Once I had the pleasure of staying with a friend at her house at the base of Mt. Kili, so had the opportunity to walk around the village and through the banana plantations & the forest. It was an unforgettable experience with all the different colour greens, all the flowers, birds singing, chickens roaming around, cows, goats & the warm & welcoming jambos from the kids who are always smiling and laughing and waving to you.
    Then there is being on Lake Victoria whether you are in Mwanza (Tanzania) amid the amazing rock formations,or Entebbe (Uganda) enjoying the beaches & the fishing villages. Uganda has still some rainforests where the jungle is thick with trees and vegetation and there are hundreds of birds & butterflies which are free for all to see.
    Generally the sunsets are stunning, can’t say I have seen too many sunrises, but they too are stunning when you catch them.
    It is the same old thing, when you live in a place day after day you don’t see the beauty as much and take things for granted. “Be ye renewed in your thinking” when you experience something different & your perception shifts.
    Enjoy your new environment, capture those scenes, for there is lots of beauty in East Africa.


    • Thanks granniefran!


    • Thanks grannie fran For your shared comment. I learn a lot from shares


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