8 eyed spider with a special back-pack

For unknown reason this spider turned up on my path and for even a stranger reason something told me to pick my camera.


This spider with 4 sets of eyes had an abdomen that looked grey/white rough skinned with rounded spikes, my thought then was ‘unusual’.
So to quench the nurge to picture it I quickly got the camera and did a macro. As usual I review the image taken for sharpness before putting away the camera! But alas, as I checked for sharpness I realized what looked like spikes ALL had legs. So I went back to do a ‘micro’


The white covering the entire abdomen was young spiders! Has anyone ever noted this behavior with any spider before or this species? ID of this species beyond it’s being an eight eyed spider is also welcome.

Text & Images
©Muoki Kioko 2009-2013
For permissions to use images email: muokisphotography@yahoo.com

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