Inside Kilome, viewing Nzaui


Nzaui, Makueni

This is one of those beautiful hills/mts of Makueni County visible from Kilome.
Steeply rising with sharp edges and literally vertical rock walls dropping down over 200metres, it would make an interesting place to explore for unique Flora or fauna making use of the undisturbed rock walls. It would also be interesting to know how this hill was formed to be left standing with vertical walls, was it by faulting or wear and tear? If so why are the areas around it flat? What are the local myths about it?
Could this be an interesting location for a film or photo shoot about being driven to the edge or probably an Ad?
Superb views from kilome at All seasons wet or dry with interesting light both in the mornings and evenings.
I wonder what a rock climb would be like on the sheer verticle long wall – the ultimate challenge? How about Para gliding from the edge? Mmm… 

*(Nzaui in Makueni County.
How to get there, things to do and place to sleep or camp:

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