Hydroponics for feeds


I remember suggesting cabbage growing to a community in Kilome that used to plant maize and beans 🙂 o was I called names and suggestions made of how my head needed to be checked! Above we can see the extent of cabbage cultivation they’ve embraced.
Next was to suggest that individuals here are hard working and given exposure can create produce on the same plot that they could feed their entire community on. Well after a years silence they were exposed to greenhouse tomatoes (planted both outside & inside the greenhouse) and their problem now is what to do with 50+ kgs of tomatoes daily from an area 20×50 metres – yes in “dryland Ukambani”


Hydroponics – soiless growing of crops with water(hydro being a main component) for feeding of livestock or for decor potted plants for homes and offices ,or even for vegetables for kitchens


Here you can see the mat effect of root systems of barley being grown to feed goats using the hydroponic system ie aquaponic forrage.


Each tray holds enough feed for a goat to feed 2 days healthily. So 4 trays stacked together will be enough feed for 7days. *Top tray has 7 day old crop, meaning your crop rotates ie by the time you get to the bottom the top is ready feed. This allows planning of feed.
Water fed into these systems is premixed with nutrients to aid maximum productivity. At times hydropronic growth of flowers (especially for export) is done in materials that allow retention of moisture and warmth over long periods like ‘Muscovite’ said to be decaying Mica that’s also found in Kilome.

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