Strange creature in Kilome

Over the past 4 years I’ve covered & discovered a lot in this “African backyard” just 100kms south of Nairobi and its Airport. However non of that prepared me for this


Sited in water (muddy) was this creature almost invisible! Were it not for something nudging me to keep looking that I saw tiny movement, and as I got closer ooh, a jet of water shot at me from the anus


It then nudged itself to almost invisibility in the shallow pool.
1/2 hour later with persistance and patience was an even bigger surprise 🙂 travelar ants aka siafu. But instead of seeking safety like everything else (me included) it takes a leap and bites off a piece


What is this?

I observed them for 3 months without change in body shape or size.

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All images and Text
2009 – 2014

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