Mango juice in kilome!


1st, there are 5 mango species (local) in kilome giving it 5 distinct mango juice flavours when you leave out blending of the flavours- seehere
Each with it’s own taste, sugar content and fibre content. The preferred mangoes for juice are those with as thin or little fibre as possible, though that doesn’t relate in reality to the tastiest or most unique flavoured and scented natural mango juice.
* grafted mangoes are also available and tend to have little fiber but are bland compared to the local species. (see here)
To make 4 glasses of sweet n fresh kilome mango juice you will require
2 ripe mangoes
1 cup water
2 tablespoons sugar
Few ice cubes (optional)
*you adjust water added with ice cubes added as ice cubes tend to dilute drink as they melt also making drink less sugary
*the more fibre it has the more filtering it will require.

– Peel washed mangoes with knife then slice & cut to small pieces in a clean bakuli(bowl/plate).
– Place cut mango into a blender (available in all supermarkets starting from about 2500/=) * those without electricity can buy a small generator like those used by rural churches for 3000/= – 8000/=

– Place mango and boiled water into Blender and blend it till it becomes smooth. *water can be pre boiled with sugar, however use immediately it cools.
– sieve blended mango with a (kichungi/sieve) with a mesh 0.025 inches available in most large supermarkets. This is used to remove fiber in this blended juice which will look like this
When squeezed this fibre resembles this

– serve your drink with ice or freeze it. Left out of fridge it takes a day to start fermenting.
– Pectin can be added to add shelf life. It is either bought in powder form or can be made from peels of mangoes! This later method I’ve used successfully for shelf use upto a week unrefridgerated
In the coming weeks will cover other food processes.
*important is that your product will be consumed by public means you should be responsible to their health safety and law requires you take your products for government testing and certification

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  1. Thanks for the lesson..waiting for the orange juice one.Where can one buy pectin?Is there such a thing a a seedless mango?


  2. Thanks for the lesson…waiting for the orange juice one.Where can one buy pectin?


    • Shops selling flavors in Nairobi also sell pectin. Try the slip road from jamia to old nation roundabout and the top end of biashara street for the commercial one or google making pectin


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