Beauty unfolds at the door step


Exactly 16 days ago i opened my front door to find something like a caterpillar hanging/suspended on an attachment at the center of the top part of my door frame.

After a few minutes of observation I noted that the “caterpillar” was getting shorter n fatter on one end


Every morning over the next 16 days I kept checking, no change!


That was until today morning when this small mass looked unusually brown


..and after a few minutes of observation I took a 15minute break, and something told me to look up


Now my attention fully focused,  I watched it all unwrap!

(-its said to expand these crampled wings by pumping blood into the wing veins. Important is that this takes place fairly rapidly before wings harden or they’ll be permanently deformed!)


image then released some liquid
(Scientists refer to it as meconium-it contains waste from pupa stage)


..and finally it just hang there afraid to flap or let go of it’s secure Sheild of the last 2weeks.

*This looks like a member of swallow tail family -first time I’ve observed/seen any in kilome in 5years!
Anyone with a more specific ID please feel free to comment.
– To learn more about kilome butterfly season and how to guide and watch butterflies there’s a download book here


This is all that’s left as a reminder of this beautiful Natures process.
Should butterfly watching be introduced in our schools?

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  1. Muoki, i really like what you’re doing. Putting Kilome on the map and getting Kenyans interested in coming there. Don’t loose momentum.


    • Thank you!


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