Cassava – value addition in Kilome (part 1)


A tuber crop that does very well in Ukambani. I’ve seen 6/7kg tubers in kilome. Normally eaten raw, its quite filling and cheap when compared to breads. There are individuals already turning it to powder(we’ll look at that in part two)
Today we look at Cassava Crisps


Made by peeling outer cover then sliced using this slicer


(that costs about 80bob in local supermarkets) cutting the cassava into small “thin” slices


Which you then dip into hot oil till edges get brown.  You can then drain or dry the fat/oil by placing the cooked crisps on tissue. Salt to taste and even add a drop or two of chilly for that mild sting.
Verdict: superb crunch to be used with tea, soda, juice or any other drink.
Cassava Chips:


Tired of chips that dont fill your tummy? Try cassava chips! Cut cassava into rings then slice into chips as above. Dip chips into hot oil till they get light brown edges then remove and salt.


A good filling snack!


Muokis Tea  Crunchies: made as above, just remember to remove them from oil immediately they start getting light brown outeredges. This is a filler!!!
*adding a drop or two of fresh lime/lemon over these snacks to give them a bonus taste 🙂

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