Golden Sunrises of Kilome


We are at that time of the year in kilome when we get the “best” of weathers! Every morning is a gamble between brilliant light and mists. But it’s also the best time to get these Golden sunrises if you are willing to pay the price.
So what’s the price? First when up the kilome hills there’s almost always a higher top obscuring you, secondly you pre survey for potential good shots you intend to get with the expected light conditions ie features to capture. But this most likely won’t happen as you planned as was the case for this image. 5-5:30am you are out walking/hiking to the spot you intend to capture sunrise [sunrise time changes], and as I realised when I got this shot – Sunrise Direction also shifts quite a bit.
I had previously done surrounding landscapes at sunrise making use of the morning glow before the sun rises to get images that many took to have been edited, then I returned to capture the sunrise itself – so I was used to capturing light from a certain direction.
This time I saw a morning glow twice while not ready and decided next morning I’ll be there at the ideal view point on time. A week or so goes with wet Misty mornings, then a dull unmisty morning and I take my chance. As I walk uphill im discouraged by the skies looking like a cloudy morning coming and I start going slow and as it starts getting steep my mind and eyes are fixed on this almost 45degree climb and what to photograph in dull light. Then sunrays shoot through almost appearing over the hill. Think quick, you wanted the golden glow just before sunrise and not the sunrise. At that point the sun comes over the hill fast so it’s shoot shoot shoot to get the light as your mind composes an image to capture the moment where you are,  and as a surprise this sunrise has shifted leftwards so it’s not at the spot anticipated. Quickly I notice just before the sun comes over hill some light glow on the sides of the grass heads just infront of me and refocus to the grass using the bluish tint of hill behind them as background and the reds of sun glow in  sky to warm the shot and the sun appears over the hill top
A mad rush now to get views of effects of changing light over the homes and hillsides as sun is occasionally covered by clouds (people from homes around me are watching and wondering what I’m doing running about chasing views up and around hills -one time pointing one direction and next another). Some children come to see what I’m doing and quietly shake their heads as they can’t see/visualise why my franticness. Almost 400 picture frames later and the sun is high, i slowly descend to walk back to base.
This image had a very high contrast [light dynamic range] but I got an opportunity of only one exposure, so I kept it for a while as I sought to figure out how to recreate what I saw and experienced. This is the end result of a digital post process to recreate that lights effect plus sky on that morning.
Now you have an idea of what it takes to put some of these images up. Would you like to join me capture these golden sunrises of kilome? The season is here at this time of the year and every day is a fresh drama of light

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    • sawasawa2012
    • July 13th, 2014

    Great stuff Muoki – keep up the good work!

    • Thanks

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