Cassava Value Addition [Final part]


Highly productive under marginal climates and soil conditions like most semi arid regions of Kenya like Kilome in Makueni county resulting in low costs of production.
This last section of cassava value addition takes a broader part by part view of the crops value addition and possible simple ways to get it to those stages in rural/”under developed” areas

*It’s important to take note that any item you prepare for Humans whether for their direct consumption or for use in their environs ‘You’ take responsibility of their safety as you would when exposing your own child. Every country has it’s guidelines on the same.


Every part of cassava has use (both those above ground & those in the soil).



Leaves are edible both by man


and as animal feed for goats & chicken.
Stems are dried & chipped to make chip boards for ceilings, table tops, etc

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