The Skilled Tree Men of Kilome ..

Occasionally you find you want to move out an old tree, either it’s in the way of your project, it’s getting old or is leaning dangerously! If you call in the right people, the tree can actually turn into an asset.
First in each team of tree experts in Kilome is the assessor who determines how the tree will be felled according to intended end use – at same time taking care of nearby power poles, roads, building & fences. (Here they determine which direction to fell a tree).


Tree trimming - Copyright : muokikioko 2014

   Most mature trees are 25-50metres high and tend to fly when cut because of resistance from their leaves as it drops. So they trim the branches which is a skill as theirs a specialist climber in the group who determines which branch goes first till the trim is done. He then anchors a rope for pivoting the main trunk in direction they intend it to go.
Wait a minute I explain what I saw as I did these images. First two long steel ladders were put together but could not get to the lowest branch, the climber still has some 5-7 meters to get to it. That’s when you know it’s a skill – the bark was as smooth as a flask and slippery, with a width that didn’t allow a grown up to hold around the trunk. By the time he got to the lowest branch all spectators had fled fearing what may happen to the climber. We returned when he started trimming, one of the branches being cut cracked and bolted out swinging the main trunk at least 1 foot to n fro (imagine being on that trunk as it shakes that way). In the image above you can see him circumventing a cut branch on left top Qtr of image!


Cutting main trunk : copyright muokikioko 2014

Next comes the power saw specialist who determines direction the trunk falls. Being a mature tree the full length of the blade couldn’t even reach the centre of the trunk. He was spot on in determining direction he wanted tree to fall. Again highly specialized skill as you have to ensure blade doesn’t get caught up by bending trunk as the chain can bolt your direction trimming you instead.


1by6 Wood beams

This is where it gets interesting. When the trunks on the ground the powersaw Guy with his assistant determine how much timber and wood can be extracted from the tree and from which side plus length of Timber beams.
Do you require poles for roofing or cabinet boards or floor tiles? They occasionally engage an extra team member for finishing to required standards for items like floor tiles, curtain rails, table tops, etc
*creative furniture can also be designed for you tailor made for your home,office or business and includes veranda furniture or sign boards for your home, institution or office.
Also remember Kamba’s are world reknown woodcurver’s. This can be incorporated into your gift items or furniture from the tree.
Use email to hire one of the teams

Text & Images
©Muoki Kioko 2009-2014
All rights reserved.

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