Adventure for Children & Youthful in Kilome

Get the ultimate Adventure and cultural experience for yourself and your children by visiting this site in kilome.


Explore this site above, guided by locals. Let your children be led through the most adventurous & fun sections by their age mates supervised by a responsible adult.
Pose and take images through the ‘Glow hole’ either as a group, individual or family!


Those unable to get to the ‘glow hole’ have the option of picnic along the way as they enjoy a birds eye view of Kyulu Mts, Emposha & Mt.Kilimanjaro on clear days alongside local hills and valleys.. This route is also a migration path for Raptors/birds of prey from Europe and Asia 🙂
Getting here: This is 110kms southwards by road from Kenya’s capital Nairobi or the International Airport of Jomo Kenyatta in Nairobi and is all bitumen/tarmac. Safe parking is available within the community at a token fee.
By Air you can charter a chopper or small plane from wilson Airport. Kenya Tourism Board tourism map has an airstrip marked in Konza plains on lower plains of Kilome..
– There after is a 2hr adventurous walk to (with an shorter option for the less adventurous).The less adventurous miss out on breathe taking views, breezes and picnic sites *[will cover that on next I’inside kilome’ article]. Accomodation: For those wanting to camp


There are several community sites where this can be done (email). Basic clean accommodation hotels are also available in the community.
Food: all year round different sweet fruits are available [Farm fresh & pesticide free]. Bottled drinking water is available in local shops with the best part being on exit the same shop will gladly accept the empty water bottles!
When prior arranged snacks like sandwiches, hotdogs & warm beverages like Kenyan tea, Coffee or Chocolate can be availed on location. Catering services for meals local available within  community, from mbuzi choma, chapati, muthokoi, etc [for family groups or organised tour groups]
All that over and above the genuine warm hospitality of the community.
Remember to carry enough disk space/memory cards for your cameras + spare batteries as you’ll not want to regret missing to record the experience.
Communication: There’s cell phone communication networks within kilome for Vodafone & Airtel networks.
Security: The community work hand in hand with the relevant organs at all times. Ensure you have registered your presence through your host before exploring. Remember to have a great time too.

Text & Images
©Muoki Kioko 2009-2014
All rights reserved.

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  1. Jambo,

    How does one get to this place by Public transport? I would love to visit it and may be even have a camping experience there

    • 0780891689

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  3. halo,

    I wish I can have more details of getting to this marvelous place and is it possible to leave Nairobi visit this place and return to Nairobi

    • Yes it’s possible to do a day trip.

    • YES its possible! its just 100kms down mombasa rd. 0722891689

  4. kindly I wish to visit this with my adventurous seeking friends. I would love to know more about it. my email is

    thanks I just love your blogs they make me look like I have not travelled my country

    • You surely haven’t 🙂

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