The Great Africa Migration in Kilome

Like the famous wildebeeste migration in mara they huddle together in the thousands as they prepare to transverse new type of terrain


I had watched them previously migrating ‘day & night’ literally millions daily. Every morning expecting to find the migration through, but ‘No’ a week down, then the second and onto the third, never on one day reducing in volumes.
They move both over land and through underground tunnels with some choosing to skip the tunnels sometimes creating patterns


that resemble cave drawings of animals.
Their herds constitute both large ants and smaller sized ones


carrying their colony to new grounds. Their migration is altitudenal meaning at different times of the year they either gain altitude or move to lower ground, this instance involved going up a Cliff face ‘that’s sometimes vertical’ ie gaining altitude


which meant at times they had to go over terrain that leaned back and by the time they circumvent that section not everyone was with the rest


Me too!! as i frantically sought to clean up those that landed on me.
Welcome to the world of ‘Siafu’ or ‘safari ants’ otherwise referred to as ‘Traveler ants’ in the science word, and unlike other migrants that get predated on during their migration these are

Text & Images
©Muoki Kioko 2009-2014
All rights reserved.

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