Strange water


Everything is brown n crisp from an elongated dry spell, my attention is attracted by a bee hive almost at the top of a hill that has rock outcrops.
Then I notice not too far off a homestead built right at the top of a cone shaped hill (captured in mid ground in image above), and I’m saying to myself – does the owner know how lucky they are to have such views 360degrees «»? Moving slightly right to see if I can capture[frame] what I’m seeing I notice I’m interfering with somewhere birds are very interested in! LoOking down on rock surface is a pool of water, clean but odd because with the elongated dry spell this water should have dried as its shallow, open and on a rock surface that heats up during the day!
Even stranger there seems to be no inlet, infact it looks like one of those places that may collect some water just after a rain shower then drys up but behaviour of birds coming in signifies it’s a watering point they use frequently during dry spells through out the day with edges with views of valley below. Question is where does this water come from?

Text & Images
©Muoki Kioko 2009-2014
All rights reserved.

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  1. how can one get to this place


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