Biking in Kilome with local riders


Me: Can you take me on a motorbike tour around Kilome  hills
Local: sure, call me up Saturday afternoon
Me: wouldnt it be better earlier (hopping to get a longer day to see more)
Local: 2pm would be a good time to meet up.
He seemed to know what he was talking about as he asked we let the sun go down a little as we set off passing through serene patches of forest filled with superbly fresh air


and as the sun started going down he took me through openings with birds eye views of kilome


then for the start of descend with views of those graduated hills


And as the sun began to dip


to our last  stopover


Where he stopped to point out in the horizon a superb early dusk view of


Kibo (Africa’s highest point on Mt Kilimanjaro). By this point I had already booked another tour to cover a whole day riding Kilome! Can’t wait for a long weekend outing (wonna join me?)

*From the capital city head out south on Mombasa road (be early best by 8:am you’ve left town). Idea is to be off Mombasa road by 10:30am to avoid heavy traffic.
Options here include
a) diverting left into Machakos at 44kms, then taking Wote-Makueni road from Machakos town. Go past Mumandu and take a right diversion as you approach next shopping centre while on the stretch(tarmac). This diversion will be an all weather road with a lot of gravel that takes you down a riverbed then you start ascending Kilome hills with hairpin bends (still gravel) – be cautious here of drivers & riders assuming they are the only ones on the road. You will then reconnect tarmac at the Top of hill – Nunguni town.
b) proceed down mombasa road 100kms then turn left at salama for a 20kms ride up Kilome hills to Nunguni town.

After 4:00pm I’d recommend you sleep in kilome as Mombasa road starts having 100+meter queues of trucks and tired drivers eager to get home.
Clean basic hotels are available at Malili and Sultan hamud or Nunguni. Make use of local guide to show you how to get to them avoiding Mombasa road 🙂

To download map

Text & Images
©Muoki Kioko 2009-2014
All rights reserved.

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  1. hi,

    is there nice locations for biking that people can come with their own bikes and tour may be the destinations you have been written of in your blogs?


    • Yes, certainly. Follow guidelines on travel by motorbike to get here or leave

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