Farmers become the new cooking Gas kings

My chickens why arent you pooping more today? This is the agony of Mr Kamau, you can eat all you want but please hens ‘i need more poop from you today!’ Quails, broilers & kuku kienyeji are now just a by product of this daily cash cow – now working for me to replace kobilis gas 🙂

Besha Leo: Mr kamau has


discovered he can sell Biogas daily, eggs are just a bonus. You see at 10bob a sufuria cooking in the peri urban or rural Kenya he has discovered women are finding it easier, cleaner and cheaper to put food on their tables
Simple : RIPA – PIKA
Connected to his Biogas digesters are multiple jua kali gas tables & armed with a money bag hang on his waist all he says is pika na kumi 🙂
You see for mama the option is charcoal 25bob or mafuta taa or kuni which mean smell & more work cleaning sufurias plus time spent wakishering jiko.
But trust wamama with goats & cows.soon they form a chama and buy their own digestor and start piping to Neighbours for a monthly fee & soon if you cook with moshi unachekelewa as the group plans on where the new monthly income will be invested!
Mr Kamau is not happy at loosing his daily poop chapaa but trust him kukaa macho Ritho – huyu mathe hajui kueda tao na kuhada kajo!
Kidogo, kidogo hujaza kibaba… knock knock, bwana rad rod nikikusaidia kuleta extra chapa kila mwezi tunaweza ongea 😉
Landlord with a glee in his eye Yes Yes welcome,  but Kamau has learnt anaweza poteza greedy mteja. Wanakubaliana but that’s not Kamaus only stop. All neighbouring plots are quickly ropped in. Sasa bwana KARI mbona unaniaribia biashara? Mimi nataka Kuroiler breed ya poop generous elfu kumi! Ama hutaki pesa yangu?

..cont. soon Kuroiler Gas inc..


Text & Images
©Muoki Kioko 2009-2014
All rights reserved.

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